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* udpate readmdeHEAD1.0masterWilly Micieli2 days1-2/+46
* add compenants directory to use external class or to re use classesWilly Micieli2 days2-1/+10
* delete example in readmeWilly Micieli2 days1-13/+1
* add missing requirementWilly Micieli2 days5-0/+134
* clean repoWilly Micieli3 days13-13/+79
* rename design dirWilly Micieli3 days3-1/+1
* clean repoWilly Micieli3 days14-17/+101
* update composer.jsonWilly Micieli4 days1-1/+1
* add default migration without prepare all fieldsWilly Micieli4 days3-0/+53
* start archWilly Micieli4 days43-0/+530